Feeling squeezed at every turnstile?
No wonder!

Grocery shoppers have high expectations: they want to experience welcoming surroundings, large product variety, value for money, sales efficiency and much more. The competition is intense and the margins small. That’s why how you manage your daily operations can make or break your business.

Every food retailer needs to constantly face the complexities of handling a large and extremely varied product mix. Out-of-stock products are the most common cause for lost sales in the grocery business. At the same time, grocery products are often perishables, and can have very different life-cycles, thus further complicating ordering and inventory management.

Grocery retailers are also expected to provide high-quality, speedy service. Fast and efficient check-out is critical; each check-out line needs to keep moving while it processes many items per minute, under pressure.

"No matter if you are a small convenience store or a large supermarket chain, how easily can you maximize product availability while speeding up service and minimizing carrying costs?"

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